Igor Fajdiga, PhD, MD

Senior otorhinolaryngologist at the University department for otorhinolaryngology and cervicofacial surgery, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

In his otorhinolaryngology practice, Dr. Fajdiga is mainly occupied with the diagnostic and surgical treatment of head and neck cancer. He is also involved in the research and treatment of snoring and snoring-related problems. The research is an interdisciplinary project involving specialists from several medical branches as well as experts in fluid dynamics from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana. The research results have revealed several important facts that have broadened understanding and improved treatment of snoring and breathing disorders.

Dr. Fajdiga has published numerous medical papers and is the author of new surgical procedures.

To read more about Dr. Fajdiga’s professional work, search the Internet: “fajdiga snoring” or “fajdiga smrčanje”

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Reasons for uvulopalatoplasty with Igor Fajdiga, PhD, MD

  • Surgeon’s experience in the ENT field,
  • Effective method based on snoring research,
  • Procedure improved by experience,
  • Effective classic surgical technique resulting in reduced postoperative pain compared to so-called “modern” procedures employing laser, coblation, radiofrequency, electric knife, etc., which cause burns at the site of the operation
  • Lasting effect of the procedure.
  • Preservation of the natural shape and function of the soft palate