Do you snore? Do something about it!

How to deal with snoring the right way?

Most people seeking help come because their snoring annoys their spouses. While the upsetting noise cannot be ignored as a reason for treatment, patients should be aware primarily that snoring is affecting their health and quality of life. For effective treatment we have to understand the dynamics of snoring. Nevertheless, there are some things we can do about it:

  • 01.Help Yourself

    A snoring person should first try to lose weight, sleep on one side (not on the back), get more exercise, avoid alcohol and sleeping pills before sleeping…
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  • 02.Nonsurgical Treatment

    In case of evident apneas (breathing stops longer than ten seconds) and excessive daytime sleepiness, it is advisable to visit a specialist for sleep disturbances.
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  • 03.Surgical Treatment

    If the noninvasive procedures mentioned above do not achieve the desired effect (or you do not want to use CPAP mask), surgical intervention should be considered. Don’t be afraid, …
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